Students of SAU Walk to the Polls on Election Day

On Tuesday, October 10, the Saint Augustine's University (SAU) Student Government Association (SGA), along with president, Dr. Everett B. Ward, the Superior Sound Marching Band, and other University officials led students to vote in the 2017 Raleigh Municipal Election. The students gathered in the University quad, where they were addressed by Isis Thomas, SGA president; Kendrick Cunningham, student trustee; and Dr. Ward. From there, they walked to the Tarboro Road Community Center where they were greeted by candidates and volunteers. 

Here's a recap of the event, by way of photos and an Instagram story. 

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 Just last month, Saint Augustine's University hosted a forum to extend the opportunity for candidates running for office to address the University and surrounding community. 

Public Health Student to Showcase Work at National Conference

The Department of Public Health and Exercise Science is excited to announce that Mr. Keshawn Carter, senior Public Health major, will showcase his PSA about the Falcons Fly Tobacco-Free Project at the American Public Health Association (APHA) General Meeting and Expo in Atlanta, GA November 4th-8th as part of the Global Public Health Film Festival. 

Mr. Carter has worked countless hours as the Public Health Intern under the direction of April McCoy, Program Assistant/Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Health. He has worked diligently on establishing a tobacco-free policy, conducting various activities and programming on campus to support the passing of the policy. In addition, he is spearheading the planning process of the Saint Augustine’s University and Shaw University Presents: Together We Can: One Health, One Body HBCU Summit to be held on November 2, 2017 on our campus from 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m. (registration coming soon). 

The department is proud of the work Mr. Carter has put in and continues to do to make our campus a safer environment for all students, faculty and staff. Falcon Pride, Personified!!! 

To view the PSA click here:​

SAU Student Leader Urges a Response to Charlottesville

Kendrick Cunningham, the student trustee for Saint Augustine's University's (SAU) Board of Trustees, has charged the SAU student body to rally together to counter the actions that took place in Charlottesville on the campus of the University of Virginia. Read his message below--

Dear Falcon Nation, 

Every second that ticks away is a moment of history that engraves in the past of our minds. Last weekend, there was a group of people who marched on the campus of the University of Virginia (UVA) to rally against the removal of the Robert E. Lee Confederate monument in Charlottesville. The marchers then confronted counterprotesters who were at the UVA march in support of the removal of the Confederate monument. In response, the marchers began to surround and attack the counterprotesters, sparking a violent uproar. Due to the violent emotional interaction that occurred at UVA, protesters from both opposing sides violently clashed the next day at the Unite the Right rally. 

It is important to realize that the Charlottesville Race Riot is the history of our generation. In that moment, the morality of the people of Charlottesville was tested in the wake of local officials' decision to advance civil rights by removing a Confederate monument. Unfortunately, this moment revealed that there is still a group of citizens who wishes to exclusively advance our nation in the favor of one sociological group. As students of Saint Augustine’s University, it is important that we answer the call that the universe has bestowed upon us to assist in the advancement of civil rights in modern society. We must begin to mobilize and show politicians that we are not content with the environment and experience we live through every day. Right now, the grounds of our state capitol is adorned with confederate monuments and we have the power as North Carolina residents to have them removed and replaced. 

We are the next generation of leaders who have the independence to become change agents. The urgency of now calls us to replace the discriminatory narrative that has been articulated for many generations. We can transform this narrative into an uplifting paradigm that embodies resistance, liberation, and hope that progresses all communities. We are studying in academic disciplines that are doorways to a world of information. We must begin to use our intellectual capital to develop unbiased solutions that socially impact all communities in positive ways. Together, we can make history that creates a better today and tomorrow for many generations to come. Let’s show the world that the color of our skin and the origin of our ancestors do not politically or socially define who we are as individuals. That alone can spark change globally. Enjoy your semester! 


In preparation for the battle, 

Kendrick D. Cunningham 
Student Trustee, 2016-2018 






STEM students back to campus after summer internships

As Saint Augustine's University (SAU) students begin classes after enjoying a summer off, some students are returning having just wrapped up a summer of continued study and internships. Of those, are six students from the School of Sciences, Mathematics & Public Health. These scholars spent the summer immersed in research in various STEM disciplines in programs across the country.

As one of SAU's core academic areas of focus, STEM programs include rigorous research to prepare students for graduate school programs and entry into their respective career fields. According to Dr. Mark Melton, Dean of the School of Sciences, Mathematics & Public Health, "Summer research and academic enrichment programs are an integral and important component of the ongoing STEM Mentoring Program that has been established in the School of Sciences, Mathematics & Public Health. Students have been actively engaged in on- and off-campus research as a part of their matriculation through their respective undergraduate STEM program. This activity has helped to dramatically increase the number of Saint Augustine’s University science majors who graduate and go on to obtain to graduate degrees in a broad range of STEM disciplines. These experiences have also helped our graduates to matriculate directly into the STEM workforce."

The SAU community congratulates these scholars on a successful summer full of research and continued learning. Below find the students' pictures and descriptions of their research.

Genele Tulloch

Summer Program
North Carolina State University NIH RISE Program

Genele Tulloch, a senior Engineering Mathematics major at Saint Augustine’s University, presents her summer research during the closing poster session. Her project, entitled ‘Modeling Fluid Flow in an Experimental Aerobic Granulation Reactor for Treating Wastewater,’ was well received. Ms. Tulloch conducted her research at North Carolina State University in the Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering as a NIH RISE Summer Research Intern. 

DeQuante McKoy

Virginia-North Carolina Alliance for Minority Participation 2017 Summer Research Program

DeQuante McKoy, a junior Engineering Mathematics major at Saint Augustine’s University, hard at work during his summer research program at the University of Virginia. His research was conducted in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering in the laboratory of Dr. Devin Harris. In addition to gaining hands-on experience, the 8-week program gave him the opportunity to receive general instruction in the physical sciences, guidance on navigating a laboratory setting, and advice on graduate school and career planning. Mr. McKoy’s research was supported by the NSF Virginia-North Carolina Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (SAU is a partner) at the University of Virginia.

Malika Wood

National Institutes of Environmental Health Sciences

Malika Wood, a senior Biology major at Saint Augustine’s University, presents her summer research during the NIEHS Scholars Connect Program (NCSP) 2017-2018 Poster Session. Her project, entitled ‘Targeting Lentiviral Integration into the Host Chromosome via AAV CRISPR-dCas9 System,’ was well received. Ms. Wood conducted her research in the the Laboratory of  Neurobiology under the direction of Dr. Negin P. Martin. Ms. Wood will participate in the NSCP during AY 2017-2018 and will e a co-author when the research results are published in a scientific journal.

Ka'shawn Robertson

Iowa State University REU Biorenewable Chemicals

Ka’shawn Robertson, a sophomore Biology major at Saint Augustine’s University, presents his summer research during the closing poster session. His project, entitled ‘Cuticular Lipid Profiles of Juvenile and Adult Leaves from 13 Genetically Diverse Maize Inbeds Show Metabolome Variation,’ was well received. Mr. Robertson conducted his research at Iowa State University in the Engineering Research Center for Biorenewable Chemicals as a 2017 Research Experiences for Undergraduates participant.

Tevin Williams

Plant Genomics @ Michigan State University Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program


Tevin Williams, a senior Biology major at Saint Augustine’s University, presents his summer research during the closing poster session. His project, entitled ‘Exploring Tropane Alkaloid Diversity within the Solanaceae Family,’ was well received. Mr. Williams conducted his research at Michigan State University as a Plant Genomics 2017 Research Experiences for Undergraduates participant.

Khadijah Payne

North Carolina State University NSF REU Program Summer Research Internship Participant