Assistant Professor of International Studies awarded Ph.D. degree

Last month, Javier Pabón, Assistant Professor of International Studies, was awarded a Ph.D. degree in Cultural Studies from Simon Bolivar Andean University. 
His dissertation, titled, "Afro- Andean Literature and Oral Tradition: Ancestral Representations, Symbolism, and Media," was directed by Professor Michael Handelsman from University of Tenessee, Knoxville. 
Dr. Pabón's research focused on the work of contemporary intellectuals who lead the dialogue about race within the context of Afro-descendent communities in South America. His analysis centers on the relationship between oral tradition, literature, and media, and seeks to approach practices rooted in Afro-descendant communities, and their relationship with the lettered establishment. His work received honors distinction.
The University is proud to have faculty who thirst for knowledge and continue to learn so they can better serve the University's scholars. 
Last modified onFriday, 23 June 2017 19:19