29 Aug 2014

2013 Saint Augustine’s University Summer Leadership Retreat sets the tone for 2013-14 Academic Year

On June 9-11, university leaders met to discuss strategies and initiatives to plan for the university for the upcoming academic year.  The theme of this year’s retreat was “A New Day, A New Dawning.”  The retreat opened up with a very transparent President Suber sharing a snapshot of her upbringing and experiences.  This set the tone for the teamwork, and open, honest communication that was exhibited throughout the two and a half days at the North Hills Renaissance.  Faculty and staff participated in a variety of activities including a team building exercise modeled after the reality show, The Amazing Race.  Presentations were made by various university leaders and the newest board chair of the University Board of Trustees, Mr. Roddey Gaddy, Vice President of Administrative Service at Duke Energy Progress.  Mr. Gaddy closed the event with some thought about the type of leadership required for a successful university as he shared his experience with the transition of Progress Energy to Duke Energy Progress.