Indrani Singh, Ph.D.

  • Interim Vice President of Institutional & Sponsored ResearchOffice of the President

Contact Info:

  • 919.516.4261
  • Boyer Building, Room 002D


B.A. – Academic Law, 1991
Mangalore University, India

B.A. – Education, 1994
Annamalai University, India

M.A. – English, 2007
Annamalai University, India

Ph.D. – Education, 2022
Cognate: Cultural Studies
University of Tennessee. Knoxville, United States


Read dissertation here, titled “Mathematics Anxiety: A Mixed Methods Approach to Understanding Secondary Students’ Avoidance of Mathematics Impacting Secondary Mathematics Enrollment

Indrani Singh, Ph.D., is a mixed-methods researcher with over 25 years of experience in the academic landscape, skilled at implementing strategic leadership and planning through research and cross-departmental collaboration. She formerly worked as a secondary-level teacher and K-12 Principal in India. She is currently the Interim Vice President of institutional and Sponsored Research at Saint Augustine’s University (SAU) in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she supervises the departments of Institutional, Undergraduate, and Sponsored Research, as well as Institutional Effectiveness, all of which are in the Office of the President.

Dr. Singh conducts research on students’ social and emotional learning strategies and anxiety problems as a mixed-methods scholar-practitioner. This study focuses on these three domains.: 1) Comprehend the effect of a fixed attitude on self-efficacy, 2) Investigate the effects of math avoidance and anxiety on secondary math enrollment, and 3) Examine into the impact of STEM course enrollment on career and life at the secondary and post-secondary levels. She has participated in conferences at the state and national levels as a research scholar and contributed to research projects and papers funded by the National Science Foundation. She is the author of  “A Better World” series on environmental issues and life skills.

Dr. Singh is fervently committed to encouraging educational diversity and equity and creating inclusive workplaces. She led a group of K–12 school principals on a collaborative educational trip to Thailand, Singapore, and Myanmar to research “Effective Pedagogy in K–12 Mathematical Practices” and “Impact of Culture & Diversity in Education”. Additionally, she engaged in a collaborative venture between the University of Tennessee’s Mathematics Department and K–12 schools in Eastern India titled “Interdisciplinary Approach to Pedagogy: Connecting Mathematics to Physics through Teacher Professional Development Programs.”

At the national and international level, Dr. Singh has been a recipient of awards and honors, including the Best Secondary Teacher in India, Most Outstanding Teacher in the Eastern Zone in India, Best Endeavor in Stress Award, British Council School Award, Dr. Marva Rudolph Scholarship for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness to name a few She was also felicitated by the former President of India for ‘Commitment to Excellence in Education.’ She was a National School Inspector and a certified assessor of Total Quality Management based on the Malcolm Baldrige Model. Dr. Singh had professional memberships in the capacity of a President and Zonal Coordinator of the Association of Schools affiliated with the National Educational Board in India.