21 May 2024

SAU Employees Receive Nearly $50,000 in Support from National Alumni Association and Raleigh Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance

As Saint Augustine’s University (SAU) continues its mission of academic excellence and fight to preserve its accreditation, a beacon of hope shines through in the generous support from the National Alumni Association of Saint Augustine’s University and The Raleigh Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance (RIMA).

“The overwhelming generosity displayed by the National Alumni Association and The Raleigh Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance serves as a testament to the unwavering spirit of our community,” said SAU Interim President Dr. Marcus H. Burgess. “This support not only alleviates financial burdens but also underscores the strong bond among the SAU family.”

two member of the SAU NAA sitting at a table, looking at the camera in support of SAUThe National Alumni Association, a separate entity from SAU, demonstrated its unyielding support by collecting $31,980 in donations from various sources, including a significant contribution of $15,000 from Duke University Health System (Duke Health). These funds, in the form of $300 Visa gift cards, were distributed to SAU employees, offering crucial financial assistance in recognition of their importance to the SAU community.

“Duke Health is proud to support the National Alumni Association of Saint Augustine’s University in their efforts to provide an emergency fund for faculty and staff,” said Debra Clark Jones, Associate Vice President of Community Health at Duke Health. “SAU’s faculty and staff demonstrated an unwavering commitment to student success despite current challenges. We are all inspired by their dedication.”

Singers from RIMA on stage performingIn addition, The Raleigh Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance (RIMA) demonstrated solidarity with SAU employees by raising approximately $13,000 through a recent gospel concert held on SAU’s campus. RIMA also used the funds raised to distribute $250 disbursements to full-time SAU employees. This support allowed employees the flexibility to utilize the funds according to their individual needs, recognizing their dedication to the SAU community.

“Some staff who have had hardships haven’t received a check in quite a while,” said Pastor Tracy Bell in a statement. “So we want to help them with some utilities, maybe some mortgages or rents or whatever.”

Notably, RIMA’s commitment to SAU extends beyond employee support. They previously provided essential food services to students during the 33 Falcon Days initiative. This initiative ensured that students residing on SAU’s campus had access to meals from April 1st, when the university transitioned to remote learning, until the commencement in early May. RIMA’s continuous dedication to the SAU community exemplifies its commitment to uplifting and sustaining its mission.

The collaborative efforts of the National Alumni Association of SAU and RIMA embody the spirit of unity and support within the SAU family, reinforcing the university’s resilience in the face of challenges. This outpouring of generosity provides financial relief to employees. It instills confidence and determination in the future of SAU, inspiring us all to continue our mission of academic excellence.